Sunday, July 03, 2011

Its a Summer Time in Jamaica

Its another Summer time here in Jamaica, the climate is hot and the girls are sexy. There are many things happening even after event. There are pool parties, stage shows even beauty pageants lol. Local entertainers are creating music reflecting the wonderful climate that we have to offer, see music video below by Vybz Kartel:

He has his controversial Port more Empire and is one of the most if not the most popular, but controversial entertainers in Jamaica and the Dance hall community.

Here are a line up of some really big events this summer:

1) Reggae Sumfest 2011 (July 17-23) - this will feature acts such as Nicki Minaj, R Kelly, Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Beres Hamond and much more. You can get more information at:

2) ATI Weekend 2011 (July 29-August 1st) - This is always a hyped up weekend for the kingstonian community as well as foreigners from all over the world, think of this even as the Jamaican version of spring break. So my Island Divas i hope you get half naked in your bikinis and represent your island of Jamaica and just brukout and get mad lol. You can see the official website right here:

3) Miss Jamaica Universe 2011 - This is the showdown of Jamaica's most beautiful women, and they will represent their country to enter the official Miss Universe Competition which will be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

4) Negril Dream Weekend: This hot series of events is promoted by Smirnoff premium vodka, yes they are doing big things this summer, visit their website:

For Ocho Rios Jamaica we have :

1) Illusion Aniversary July 18, 2011 at Island Village, a place called Reggae Explosion.

2) Soak which is on the 17th of July - now this is a well known bikini party in Ocho Rios, its going to be wild, get more at Streets Ent FB Page.

Here is a throwback video as a reminder as to why you should be having a blast this summer:

Ok thats it for now. This article will be updated as new data is gathered.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Law vs OutLaw

This article is directed towards the individuals that are on both sides: the law and the outlaw. At one end we are in a system filled with crime and poverty due to an economic crisis that doesn’t exist only locally but on a global plane. Jamaica our nation is considered a third world country (developing nation), we have a bad reputation for corruption within our political system (both parties) etc. But I guess you have heard all those stories already so that’s another article. What we consider the law is not being applied at a constitutional level; our people (citizens of Jamaica) are abused of our human rights and are being exploited every day.

At one end we uphold the law but the law is not on our side. For Instance I have a friend that was recently thrown into jail over some unpaid tickets that he had not paid for in three years, a warrant was out for his arrest, he was locked up in a local police station, he was treated like a wanted criminal and had to share a cell with twenty men (some of whom were criminals), no food or access to a restroom, only a bucket to let out his waste.

We was later taken to court and ordered to pay over sixty thousand dollars or face more jail time.

His rights was exploited, he was abused by the law, the same law that he is supposed to uphold. And that would be considered light compared to what goes on every day in this war torn system. Here is a list of the seeds of corruption in this cesspool of a Nation:

1) Police Brutality

2) White Collar Crime

3) Wire Tapping

4) Raids

5) Harassment of Citizens

6) Overbilling of Citizens

7) High Consumer Prices

8) High Interest Rates

9) Poor Road Facilities (in most areas)

10) Unorganized transportation parks

11) Threats

12) Intimidation

13) The selling out of our Nation’s resources

14) High unemployment (very high)

And the list goes on. And this is on the law side. Both parties are going to point fingers at the other as usual but no one would come together to solve this pandemic of a situation that has reached this nation.

The outlaw, the robin hood of so-called society, heroes of the poor are not really helping the situation. These organized gangs’ gives youth’s access to illegal weapons that can take a man’s life in a heartbeat. They are corrupting the souls of our children; they have planted a nasty seed that only strengthens their operations but weaken the citizens. How ironic some of these gangs have political alliances hence forth the term “garrison”. A territorial system that was designed by a political party to secure various seats when an election is called. These so called territories were to have so-called area leaders aka dons that would rule with an iron fist and defend its people like a tribal system. These people are armed and dangerous but what is the law really doing about it? Yes, I agree things are being done, but they are not being done in an efficient way without causing collateral damage. I agree these dons are eventually killed or put in prison, a lot of wanted criminals are going to jail, but do you think that solves the problem? No it doesn’t. It worsens the problem, the way the law goes about to apprehend the outlaw is more lawless than the outlaw themselves. So the question is: “Is there now a thin line between the law and the outlaw” I guess they can now alternate roles if desired. Plain clothes police can act lawlessly because they are the “law” and the outlaw can pretend to be the law in order to do lawlessness or they just work together while they kill one another and oh yes, COLLATERAL DAMAGE. Another grieving mother, another fatherless or motherless child. And the story goes on.

So the question is JAMAICA what can be done to reduce this madness and restore some sense of stability to our Nation. How can we rid this nation of this stinking rotten demonic force that is plaguing our nation like locust on a farmland? Are we going to sit blindly and keep taking the abuse or are we going to apply more pressure on these corrupt forces and demand answers.

For all my non-citizen readers, I am very passionate about my country and what I believe in my people, and my energies are directed into these articles which hope to reach out to the world and also to our leaders and powerful private sector. Help Jamaica before it ROTS IN HELL. Help Jamaica before WE SELF DESTRUCT. Help our youth, give them opportunity, give them a sense of community, give them the ability to earn and to grow, help the ghetto, help the ones out there in the vast wasteland that need your support. Uplift Jamaica and you will never regret it. We are talented and gifted with many abilities, we only need some support. So the story goes on, the Law and the Outlaw has our nation at ransom, no at GUN POINT BULLET!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Reality vs Memory

What is the difference between a memory and reality? A photograph is a memory that is visually captured, digitally reproduced and spawned by digital imaging applications.

Memories are survived through culture, art, science, expression, therefore as we age, our memories live on, our memories are immortal such as long as there is a human race and technology.

Therefore to solve the equation: A photograph does not have a meaning unless a memory is attached to it. Do not let the {sentinels} frighten you, or let you feel inferior. Free your mind from mental slavery as this reality is a mental projection of slavery.

The key to success is total mental acceptance of one's self.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I write this article with great passion, knowing that i can reach to you, knowing that someone will read this content. I write this article saying i am human, strip away my race, my culture, my personality and all you have is a human that is communicating with you via this medium, this interface, this system of great communication.

What is the intention of my message? This message is intended to tell you whoever you are that man is in danger, danger of himself, we are in a world that is driven by greed, power and lust. We are driven by commercialization stripping away our very essence of what we call humanity. We hear their cries every day (the starving children, the sick, the elderly, the homeless), yet we ignore them, we find celebrity news more fascinating, we rather sit in the VIP lounge and party our lives away, but after the party then what? After the party exists reality, the same reality that we ignore.

i may sound like i am angry, but i am not, i am only venting what i call my disgust for mankind's negligence to be humane, to have compassion, to co-operate, to share and finally to love one another.

If you have reached this point in this article i hope i jogged your mind, i hope i inspired you to write an article of your own, this is the The World, This is Life, and yes This is Technology.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Power Part II

True power comes from our thoughts, they extend to the universe, hence the term "thought is power".

We have the power to change things in our environment. Our thoughts fuel our actions, which is in turn creates the impact intended.

Knowledge is also the power, and is the base for all thought, therefore by extending your knowledge you are extending your thoughts.

Powerful is knowledge ignited by thought. These thoughts lead to action. Action is the end product of our thoughts and also the beginning of another .

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Dream for all Jamaicans

Message to my fellow Jamaicans,

As you know, we are living in a harsh economic time, where yes there are opportunities and things happenings in the background, but like Martin Luther King of the civil rights era i have a dream.

I see all my Jamaican brothers and sisters living without fear, i dream that one day all Jamaicans can have a smile on their face, that all Jamaicans can look at their Television sets and see the news and its all good news, that one day prices for goods and services will get low, that one day banks will be begging you to borrow money, that one day we will have green energy (no more jps) and energy efficient vehicles.

One day there will be no more garrison politics or tribal politics, one day both political parties can come together and forget about their differences and work for the people (the nation) and not for their party or constituency.

One day there will be roads with no pot holes, one day we can produce our own, import less, export more, support our local market, one day there will be trust for the law enforcement entity, one day there will be less gays and lesbians within society, one day our kids don't curse bad words on the streets and have sex with one another on the buses, that one day every Jamaican can own a peace of real estate and maintain their utility bills, one day there will be less foreigners running businesses in our nation that the natives, that one day there will be better hospitals and medical centers, no long waiting and friendly and efficient medical professionals serving you with the highest quality, that one day there will be no more long waits to leave or enter the airport, that one day every Jamaican business will advertise their websites with confidence, one day registering business and paying taxes is like saying abc.

One day We as Jamaican in Jamaica and Jamaicans abroad can go back and forth the world wihtout being stereo typed or banned or feared or jeared. That one day rascism and clasism among our selves will end.

One day all high school leavers will make it to university, that we will be the envy of other nations, we will build great architectures of buildings, science and technology, we will compete at the first world level, our dollar will be of great value and can be used any where in the world.

I have a dream that little Jamaica will be little yes but tolla wah.